Why You Need to Listen When Your Car Talks to You

Many people love their automobile and some even treat it like a trusted friend. After all, it takes them from point to point on a regular basis and is generally reliable and trustworthy. In fact, you may have such a close affinity with your car that it actually starts to talk to you, in order to let you know when something is wrong and you need to heed this message as carefully as you would if it had been given to you by a " Read More 

5 Ways to Save Money Buying a Car

Looking for a new car is an expensive task, and visiting lots of car dealerships is a time-consuming way to find the best price. Instead, consider this range of alternative methods for saving money on your next vehicle purchase. From buying import cars to negotiating on interest rates, there are several ways to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.  Be a Repeat Customer Repeat customers at the same dealership will often save money by trading in their old car for a cash-back. Read More 

5 Signs Your Car’s Engine Mounts May Need Attention

The engine mounts aren't things people think about a lot, but they perform a vital role. As the name implies, an engine mount is responsible for securing a car's engine to its chassis. Made of metal and rubber, they are designed to absorb and dampen vibration while also withstanding the force created by the engine. In some cases, the engine mounts can start to fail. When that happens, you're apt to notice the following five symptoms. Read More